Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LIVE Game Blog vs. Tennessee

TEN 80 MU 68 -FINAL-
Look for a final recap later tonight from the MUTV writers.

TEN 76 MU 68 0:29
Timeout MARQUETTE after a travel called on TENNESSEE. Turnover ensues.

TEN 74 MU 68 1:13
Dominic misses a three. Burke fouls out. Burke finishes with 3 points, and not one field goal attempt.

TEN 74 MU 68 1:36
Wayne Chism (TEN) crashes the glass and picks up the board after two missed free throws. He makes one of two.

TEN 73 MU 68 1:38
Josh Tabb (TEN) hit a monster three from the corner.
MU comes down and Lazar misses a three after an offensive rebound.

TEN 70 MU 68 2:20
Down to just a 2 point deficit after Lazar hits an all-important 3 ball. Good to see him get going at the perfect time. Defense was keying in on Wes, and Lazar sat at his favorite spot: the top of the arc.

TEN 70 MU 65 2:40
Wes just broke his career high, but more importantly, he looks more driven than a 57 Chevy. Just under 3 minutes remain, but there is plenty of time left for this game to end up a "W" for either team.

TEN 68 MU 62 4:08
Wes Matthews hit a pair of free throws to tie a career-high of 28 points set against Dayton.

TEN 65 MU 57 5:52
Chism popped Tennessee's biggest momentum swing of the game: a 3 pointer while Jerel McNeal fouls for the 5th time, ending his night with 10 points off 4-6 shooting.

TEN 62 MU 57
Wesley puts in all 3 free throws, but Chism comes down to drop in his 20th point of the night. Lazar responds and hits his first three point FG of the night. BIG. But Chism answers back with 2. His inside presence is drawing Burke to help McNeal.

TEN 58 MU 49 7:49
This Tennessee team is too deep for Marquette to handle without Jerel and Dominic. It will be interesting to see when Buzz brings them back in. Burke also sits with 4 fouls. Wes's efforts continue to be admirable.

TEN 54 MU 49 8:46
Jimmy Butler called for an offensive foul. Chism (TEN) continues to surprise. Dominic and Jerel are both on the bench.

TEN 50 MU 48 9:15 Burke scrambles for a loose ball, and gets called for his fourth foul. Dominic's complaining gets him his second personal foul and a technical. Buzz apparently is getting a kick out of it. He is laughing up a storm.

TEN 50 MU 48 9:38 Dominic picks up his first foul, and Wayne Chism hits 2/3 FT. Burke runs down and commits his third personal.

MU 48 TEN 46 10:44
Wesley has 20 points after knocking down a pair of free throws. That is his fourth 20+ point performance this season and his first since the loss against Dayton November 29.

TEN 46 MU 45 11:30
Dominic James knocks down a huge three after hesitating. Down one.

TEN 44 MU 41 12:14
Hopson (TEN) is apparently healthy, as he is back in the action. Jerel is sitting with 4 fouls. Lazar and Wes have 3 each.

TEN 44 MU 41 13:00
Great steal by Dominic, and the finish. Woolrige (TEN) comes right back with a 3 to give the Vols a lead. Only 2/2 on the night, but 6 points total.

TEN 41 MU 39 14:26
A Tennessee possession sees two (2) offensive rebounds, but a fantastic play by Mo Acker results in a jump ball.

TEN 41 MU 39 15:19
Great cut to the hoop by Wes. Fouled, made 2/2. Great effort to create something out of a solid pass.

TEN 41 MU 37
16:19 Wes misses a three, then fouls. MU's got to hit jumpers to win tonight. They cannot afford to have Wes have an off-night.

TEN 41 MU 37
Maze hits the 3-pointer for Tennessee. Marquette struggles to get inside again. Tennessee comes back to take 4 point lead, their largest so far tonight.

MU 37 TEN 36
Marquette going toe to toe with Tennessee at the start of the second half. Gotta comment on the "buzz" from Buzz on the sideline. He's making a great impression on this national primetime stage.

Foul trouble is again the story for Marquette. The Golden Eagles are having a very tough time getting into the paint tonight. Lazar Hayward is jumping out of the gym-and he needs to in order for an MU win. He's collected 4 rebounds to go with 8 points. But Lazar's three point struggles continue, as he is 0-3 through the first half. Wes Matthews, meanwhile, is 3-4 from beyond the arc. Dominic James is impressive tonight, with a balanced stat line of 3 assists, 3 rebounds, and a block. But he is 1-5 from the field (1-3 3PT). The bench has struggled in the first half, making only one free throw and not one field goal. They have also collected a combined 5 fouls. The big play of the half: Dominic James's block. The key to the second half: Jerel McNeal. He has 8 points off 3-5 shooting, but amassed 3 fouls in the first twenty minutes.

Brad Galli
MUTV Assistant Sports Director

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