Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rosiak on Snaer and one MUTV Guy's Perpsective:

Let's be honest, he'd be a wonderful get and as Rosaiak says:

"Snaer was in the gym early and spent his time working on his catch-and-shoot and free-throw shooting. I'm not breaking any ground in saying this, but Snaer sppears to be every bit the deadeye perimeter shooter he's been billed as being. He possesses picture-perfect form, has nice lift and a feathery follow-through and touch."

Who could honestly say we wouldn't want the kind of contribution that he would bring.

The point I'd like to make is that Buzz is bringing in more than one top flight recruit. The potential to get Jamil Wilson is good, but the potential to miss him and still get the kind of recruit that Snaer represents is better. Hopefully, Buzz's ability to recruit beyond just one top target will result in deeper classes and not just one spectacular class followed by two or three mediocre classes.

To be honest, a recruit of Snaer's potential could be program changer. Hopefully we put the best face forward and Buzz lands a huge get. If we miss Snaer, this kind of recruiting means that he second best option is still a great get.

Jonathan Ficke
MUTV Assistant Sports Director
MUTV Sports Blog Editor-in-Chief

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